paper: Receiver-driven routing for community mesh networks

Documentació tècnica

A. Neumann, L. Navarro, R. Baig, P. Escrich

Abstract—Community wireless mesh networks are decentralized and cooperative structures with participation rules that define their freedom, openness and neutrality. The operation of these networks require routing algorithms that may impose additional unnecessary technical restrictions in the determination of routes that can restrict the freedom of community users. We propose a receiver-driven discretionary routing mechanism
where each receiver (the intended destination of the packet) can freely specify delivery objectives and remain compatible with the collaborative approach of community networks. Each node has a unique identifier and can announce the description of its offer and also the description of its routing policy with preferences to deliver traffic to it. BMX6 provides a ”hash-based profile propagation mechanism” to disseminate descriptions. This receiver-driven routing can be applied to express preferences for desirable nodes and paths, or to restrict traffic to trusted nodes enabling trust and security aware routing. We validate our contributions with a proof of concept implementation of key concepts, as an extension of the BMX6 routing protocol, that confirms its feasibility and scalability.

Keywords-routing; community mesh networks; metric policies; trust; security;


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